Our mission

We support you in adding value to your enterprise content and empowering your front-office staff to improve the Customer Experience.

We help you to be competitive in your industry while controlling associated risks.

Our values

Our core values, principles and behaviour define our character, our identity and our success. They are our DNA.

We have a culture of innovation, but understand the value of meticulous consideration at every step, and only ever propose solutions after extensive analysis.

Our experience

Our experience is unique. With revenues in excess of $430M in 2016, Tessi, the leading European specialist in the digital migration and process flow market, have been supporting companies for over 40 years in the management of their documents, payment methods, currency, gold transactions and customer marketing.

We are the specialist consulting and services division of Tessi. Gdoc alone has over 120 specialist consultants working from headquarters in four countries, where we are proud to work with many of Europe’s leading enterprise companies on every kind of document management project.

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Our expertise

We understand that in most large businesses, document and communication processes have grown from traditional print media into complex, sometimes convoluted and often expensive, high-maintenance, multi-channel practices. Our experts understand this complexity, and are able to disentangle, transform and migrate document processes, making them efficient and fit for the digital economy.

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Our capabilities

Our distinctive mix of industry smart capabilities support every aspect of enterprise document and communications development. We deliver unbiased on-demand consulting, vendor selection support, project management and delivery, as well as ongoing product and application support.

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Our industry focus

We work with many businesses across numerous sectors; in fact, any customer-centric organisation that is in the business of pursuing innovation that increases customer loyalty and drives retention, while maintaining regulatory compliance and reducing operational costs. While our customers are diverse, they have one thing in common – they all strive to deliver ever evolving and engaging customer experiences. Many of our customers operate in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecoms and Utilities sectors, with several being top Print Service and Managed Marketing providers.

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