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To stand alongside you during all three stages of the customer journey wherever the document has a major role to play in yourcommunications

Customer JourneyEngage customersCustomer OnboardingMaintain and dialogue


The Enterprise Content Management is the enterprise strategy to manage the unstructured enterprise contentsuch as electronic documents, emails, reports, images, meaning every content that is not structured into a database.

ECMsolutions allow to create, store, deliver, research and archive these different contents so they can be involved into businessprocesses.

These solutions meet the strategic challenges of the information management from compliance to datasecurity.



Customer Communication Management definition is the enterprise strategy to improve the creation, delivery,storage and retrieval of your outbound customer communications, such as statements, quotations, invoices, contracts andrenewals.

CCM solutions manage, on a single, centralised platform, high-volume of personalised multi-channel communications(print, email, SMS, web, etc) produced in batch mode, or on-demand.

CCM solutions aim to boost Customer Experiencewhich means the perception that youir clients made of you thanks to the optimisation of the every single interactionergonomy.