An external independent Audit
of your CCM environment

Why is good idea to conduct an independent audit on your CCM platform?

  • Business requirements are changing constantly.
  • There is pressure to make rapid changes to your customer communications, either for regulatory or compliance reasons or to launch new products quickly.
  • Merger and acquisition activity may cause you to inherit other systems and software products you need to support.

How is GDOC able to help you ?

The audit on your CCM deployment can either be undertaken as a discrete phase with documented results, or combined with the solution options and recommendations phase to give a road-map for moving forward.

Gdoc have the consultants to be able to help you bring an external eye to your current situation. Whether you need someone to help with an audit of your overall customer experience technology strategy, an up to date specification for one of your systems, or even a detailed review of your document composition code for efficiency, we can certainly help.

Over the years we have supported 150+ organisations in financial services, utilities, and telecoms to ensure their CCM system is up to speed and ready to cope with what your market demands.

Independent Audit - general objectives:

  • To assess the status of your CCM deployment in line with our experience and industry best practice for the all CCM employed in the architecture and to put forward recommendations.
  • To put forward recommendations & highlight any constraints that could impact options to exploit your CCM platform for future opportunities.
  • To allow Gdoc the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and expertise in the CCM domain – beyond pure product knowledge.

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